By John Henshall

Ricoh RDC-1

If you recall our Camera for the 21st Century specification the new Ricoh RDC-1 digital camera will definitely appeal to you.

The RDC-1 claims to be the world's first digital camera to offer both still and moving image and sound recording/reproduction. Its recording capacity on a 24MB PC card is 246 (768x480 pixels) still pictures in standard mode, or 492 in economy mode, or 246 still images in economy mode each with 10 seconds of sound, or 173 still images in standard mode each with 10 seconds of sound, or four video scenes of 5 seconds each with sound, or one hour and forty five minutes of sound only. All this in any combination.

Size is 5.25x2.75x0.75 inches (13x7x2cm), weight 9 ounces (250g) without batteries or the DM-1 removable 2.5 inch colour LCD monitor, which gives a 'live' viewfinder image. A 3:1 2.8 zoom is included.

This report first appeared as "Hot Shots" in "The Photographer" magazine March and April 1996.
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