Kodak DC120
Very good image quality

by John Henshall

Kodak DC120 Digital Camera

Kodak's DC120 is just out. It looks similar to the DC50 but in a dark maroon body and costs $1000 (about £670). The camera uses an 850 x 984 pixel CCD to produce a 1280 x 960 pixel file - not far short of the SLR-based DCS410/420 cameras. The file is interpolated by sampling two adjacent rectangular pixels to make three square pixels. Image quality is very good. The camera has a built-in 3-to-1 zoom, equivalent to 38-114mm on 35mm, an optical viewfinder and a 1.5 inch LCD panel on which the image is displayed for a few seconds (to conserve battery life) after the exposure is made and on which stored images may be reviewed. The internal memory will hold two images without any compression, or twenty at 'good', twelve at 'better' or seven at 'best' quality compression setting. Plug-in CompactFlash memory cards extend the storage capacity without limit.

Picture taken with the Kodak DC120

Picture taken with the Kodak DC120


Get information from Kodak on the DC120.

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