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Electronic Photo-Imaging at the EPIcentre
The Art & Science of Digital Imaging


Exterior of the EPIcentre

The EPIcentre was formerly located in a 300 year old barn in Oxfordshire, England
- a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional values.

Electronic Photo-Imaging's EPIcentre is run by JOHN HENSHALL and is dedicated to the Art and Science of Digital Imaging. Offering research and consultancy, EPIcentre builds bridges between established, emerging and future technological techniques and cultures, while exploring and fostering a profitable understanding of the rich opportunities which they offer.

The EPI mission is to impart a greater understanding of the direction in which technology is moving, to provide the knowledge required to assess the significance of innovations, to assess risks and rewards, and when best to invest in the new technology.

Effective communication - through sight, sound and understanding - is the most important skill in the world. "Imaging" is not simply photography. Electronic and digital imaging is not just photography without film, it is about pictures of every kind - both still and moving, however they are formed - as an essential aid to better communication.

Interior of the EPIcentre

Inside the EPIcentre with a course in progress.

We assist users to acquire the skills to help them gain the best advantage from the new facilities and provide advice to manufacturers developing new products. Our prestigious list of clients includes Agfa, BBC, Fuji, Hewlett-Packard, Ilford, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon and the Royal Air Force - though we strongly maintain and value our independence and impartiality. We also provide a creative digital photography service.

JOHN HENSHALL is also available to testify as an expert witness on all aspects of digital and conventional photography and cinematography photography, as well as the business practices of the digital imaging industry. eMail from the link on the left of this page and we will call you to discuss availability and fees.

Contact us about all aspects of digital imaging. We look forward to advising you.


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